Tetigi - Web Statistics and Analysis Services
Tetigi provides a real time analysis of your web site performance. With its easy-to-use interface and a number of different reports, Tetigi dramatically increases the return on your web investments.
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Tetigi - Web Statistics and Analysis Services
Major features of Tetigi include: textual reports, URL interpretation for dynamic pages, statistics customization using filters, custom reports for different users...
Tetigi - Web Statistics and Analysis Services
Tetigi is a proprietary software steadily growing through the addition of new features. The Professional version, currently available, is provided by PiSoft as a remotely hosted application (Application Service Provision) and can be used by simply applying a script into the pages of your web site. A new stand-alone version will be available shortly. In order to be constantly updated about Tetigi, just subscribe to the newsletter or contact PiSoft support.
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